Smart Ads for Digital Banking

Smart Engine card linked marketing is an innovative value added service for cardholders. Smart Engine big data analytics combines insights from banking activities with product knowledge and cardholder profiles. The results are utilized for real-time targeted campaigns in digital banking. Our technology is integrated seamlessly with existing infrastructure and customized to your brand.

Unique cardholder experience, next generation digital marketing integrated with digital banking

Cardholders receive personalized merchant offers at the right place (mobile/online banking) at the right time based on data analytics. Cardholders can access targeted offers wherever and whenever. They can select their favorite merchants, search for offers nearby, receive notifications about campaigns, and check their savings. Cardholders redeem offers at the check-out using the bank‘s payment cards and wallets. Our platform supports fully automated processing of coupons, cashback and loyalty points.

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A Consistent Multi-Channel Customer Experience

We notify customers via push notifications when relevant offers for them become available. We promote your merchant offers online, on mobile and via social media.

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Increase sales and turnover at your partner merchants

Merchants get additional turnover from new customers. We deliver higher purchasing frequency and better customer retention than other loyalty programs based on our intelligent analytics engine and create a unique and durable customer loyalty program which is seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure.

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Pinpoint targeted customers

We promote merchant business and products and target the most relevant offers for your cardholders significantly increasing the probability of offer conversion.

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Profit from a performance driven and merchant funded program

No investment, integration or infrastructure costs and no staff training required. Share in the revenues as merchants pay to target your cardholders with offers.

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