Smart Ads for eCommerce

Smart Ads for eCommerce powered by Smart Engine analyzes customer behavior and recommends the best products for up-selling and cross-selling. This strategy immediately adds value to your eCommerce checkout process and helps merchants using your eCommerce payment gateway increase consumer spend and retention. The product recommendations fit in perfectly with customer needs, tastes and interests and drive the usage of your eCommerce payment gateway.

Build loyalty into your eCommerce payment gateway

Merchants can reach potential customers with a relevant offer at checkout. Proven analytics match products from the same store or from partner stores to customers based on activity criteria the users have opted to share when they make eCommerce payments.

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A new revenue driver

Leverage customer context to boost your bottom line. Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine provides another way for your eCommerce payment platform to generate revenue as merchants pay to target consumers with their offers.

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A targeted approach

Every time a consumer initiates an eCommerce payment, Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine goes into action, delivering a relevant offer or recommendation based on the consumer's past interests and behavior.

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Build customer loyalty for your merchants

Make online payments a more personalized experience for customers with Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine. The platform makes online payment an integrated part of the user’s lifestyle. And happy customers are loyal customers.

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Easy to implement

Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine works off-the-shelf with no up-front costs. Simply integrate our API into your eCommerce payment gateway to deliver a unique customer experience and start building loyalty.

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