Smart Ads for Point of Sale (PoS)

Smart Ads for PoS and mPoS powered by Smart Engine turns your PoS platforms into marketing tools increasing your revenue whilst also improving customer experience. Consumers receive highly personalized offers and ads at payment and merchants are able to deepen relationship with consumers.

Turn your PoS platform into a powerful marketing tool and increase customer retention

Smart Ads for PoS seamlessly integrates with your in-store or mobile payment terminal. We match the right offer to the right customer instantly at check-out and turn your PoS into a sales channel to keep customers returning and purchasing more often. We help you build a commercial eco- system for merchants and consumers, enabling merchant coalitions where benefits such as points can be shared across your merchant base for consumers paying at your PoS systems.

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A new revenue driver

Leverage customer context to boost your bottom line. Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine provides another way for your PoS platform to generate revenue as merchants pay to publish offers and ads.

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A targeted approach

Every time someone initiates a payment, Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine goes into action, delivering a relevant offer or recommendation based on the user's location alongside their past interests and behavior.

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Build customer loyalty

Make payments more valuable to customers with Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine. The platform makes PoS payments an integrated part of the user’s lifestyle. And happy customers are loyal customers.

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Easy to implement

Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine works off-the-shelf with no up-front costs. Simply integrate our API into your PoS or mPoS payment application or platform to deliver a unique customer experience and start building loyalty.

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